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State-of-the-art restoration and custom mods

for your Honda mini..."the real deal"


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Whether traversing logging roads, forest trails, easing along through a campground or cruising around town, the little trail bikes with the big grin factor and timeless design are among Honda's longest-running and most popular models. Now riding a wave of renewed interest, these iconic little bikes are being restored, updated  and enjoyed as never before. Five to ten years ago you could buy them for $200 to $300. Now, with demand reaching  new highs and so many intact examples parted-out in recent years, the market value of OEM parts and bikes continues to escalate sharply. Today, it is not unusual to see beater CT70's going for $500 to $900, midrange examples in the $1200-$2000 range, with fully restored and low mileage original examples topping the $5000 mark.

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Worldwide, the CT70, its cousins the ST70 & ST50 Dax and Z50 models, have a long and storied history that is still being written as riders in Europe & Asia continue to develop and extend the capabilities of these unique machines with modern suspensions, brakes and high-output engines. Thus refined into more contemporary machines, our favorite little bikes just keep getting better. Organized rides and continually expanding events  are becoming more numerous each year, a direct outgrowth of these improvements. Supported by a dizzying array of performance and appearance items from numerous suppliers, tuners and custom builders, the bikes are used as daily transportation,  recreational rides, touring and race machines as well as show pieces.

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This site was created to help lead the way, raise the bar, and improve the small bike scene for everyone. For years we've led the way in bringing home the kind of innovative updates, seen in other countries. The USA scene has begun to catch-on and our own domestic small bike community is reaching "critical mass", taking on a life of its own, as has happened elsewhere . While some prefer their bikes "time-warp/museum perfect", exactly as they left the factory, others will find that a few key updates can transform them into "real bikes". There's a steadily growing number of riders who cover serious mileage during the riding season. Cheap gasoline, smooth, open, roads and traditional vacation time may have mostly receded into memory, but that doesn't mean the end of motoring fun...not by a longshot! Cruising along on a hot summer day at 50mph, with the wind in your face has the same cathartic, "blowing out the cobwebs" effect when riding these small bikes as their fullsize brethren, maybe even more. How many other options are there for motorized fun at 4 cents per mile at this late date? Considering that even a 25-mile trip becomes somewhat of an adventure on a little bike, these are the perfect vehicles for turning otherwise run-of-the-mill short jaunts into a bit of playtime that fits neatly into a hectic schedule, maybe even seeing your own town from a new perspective and discovering a few shortcuts along the way. Best of all, you can load the bike into your small van/wagon/hatchback/SUV/camper and go exploring once you've reached your vacation destination. Properly setup, a CT can easily go places you'd never even attempt taking the family car. With gasoline topping $4 a gallon the CT70 is not only a classic, it was decades ahead of its time. With scope and quality of upgrades available (and at a fraction of their automotive and fullsize bike equivalents) turning your transportable bike into a 100mpg suburban cruiser has become a reality. Maybe, as the saying goes "you can't go back" but when "what's old is new again" it's more fun looking forward...with the occasional peak in the rearview mirror, just because.

  We bring you the best and unique services, plus componentry from around the world, including our own "skunkworks" projects... the kind of equipment upgrades that can extend the capabilities of our favorite small bikes and make serious riding possible. If a part isn't already available, we'll make it.  We  put  substantial annual mileage on these bikes, know what works, and are here to help you navigate through the vast global selection of available items.  In addition to performance, safety and appearance items & services for the CT70 & Z50 models, we offer many of the same parts for other small Honda bikes. All of these bikes share the same basic engine architecture, allowing the same engines to fit all models. Many other parts are also interchangeable between models or other model-specific versions are available. We welcome the beginning and seasoned enthusiast alike. Whether you are interested in full-on "nuts & bolts", concours/museum-quality restoration, state-of-the-art performance,  your own unique custom, a pit bike or just a few key parts for your DIY project...from mild to wild... we've got you covered! Parts and services are offered "ala carte", so you can have just the items you want restored, repaired, modified or special ordered. We don't just do complete bikes! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back often as this site is updated.




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