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Low-pressure media blasting allows for thorough surface preparation with  precision control and virtually no removal of sound metal. 

Complete CT70 frame, fork, shock covers, headlight shell , and  chain guard blasted and primed:

starting at $199.00  (add $50 for catalyzed epoxy primer) 

 Img39.pnghadsell0008 copy.pnghadsell0008.pnghadsell0010.pngmarch 10 20050005.pngImg42.png

 march 1320050023.png69.7.pngaug15040012.pngcopy of march 1320050005.pngmarch 1320050013.pngmay 27 20050002.png79midsection.pngseptember20040016.pngjuly 26 20050026.pngmay 24 040010.pngjuly 2720050017.pngjuly 26 20050022.pngjuly 2720050018.pngjuly 26 20050024.pngjuly 26 20050025.pngjuly 20 20050022 copy.pngjuly 26 20050018.pngjuly 26 20050016.pngjuly 26 20050020.pngmay 27 20050007.pngfront detail0005 copy.pngfront detail0006.png



Complete prep as above, includes repair of shock covers, minor body repairs. Major repairs and replacement parts extra.


  • Economy refinishing...air dry enamel, your choice of non-candy colors ...$449
  • MId-level refinishing...catalyzed single stage enamel, your choice of non-candy colors...$549
  • Premier refinishing... This is the level if you want a correct restoration...epoxy primer, and your choice of color including 3-stage catalyzed urethane candy colors. Includes color sanding and buffing...$789
  • Premier plus, as above but includes additional stage of block sanding and  additional flow-coat of clear...$899
  • Ultimate...includes smoothing/filling of welds to your preference. This is custom/show level, not OEM. Price depends on the job...starting at $999

Note: winter season surcharge of  $400 goes into effect soon

We hate passing along the added cost associated with the winter facility we use, but have no choice. Even at this level, the fees are only partially offset.

Body repairs...

  • Dent removal
  • Upper fork cover/headlight mount repair
  • Shock cover repair/straightening
  • Chain guard straightening
  • Crack repair
  • Headlight shell repair
  • K1 lower fork cover straightening
  • Swingarm repair including straightening and restoration of missing metal
  • K0 fork main body straightening




dent reapir using lead.png


    may 27 040001.pngmay 27 040003.png

Img30.pnggastank copy.png

 CT70 metal fuel tank & bracket, blasted and painted in OE black finish


Hardware restoration... using a multistep process we can return your plated hardware to like-new condition. All cad/zinc plated items including: nuts, bolts, washers & spacers, battery box, brake hardware (includes arms, springs and pivots), springs, axles, seat latch, headset retaining collar etc.  Individual pieces - inquire.


 Img26.pngImg41.pngmay 24 040004 copy.png
   69frontwheel.png     69rearwheel.png   79brakes3.png

Complete wheel restoration...removal of old tire, complete disassembly of all components, media blast, repolish brake plates and repaint with correct OEM-look cloud silver. Tires and hardware extra.  Individual pieces - inquire.

$99.00 per wheel


Engine restoration...

includes thorough solvent cleaning, inspection of internal components, new cam chain, roller, idler, piston & rings,oil pump & drive sprocket, new valves & seals, valve grind & lapping,  clutch rebuild, kickstart shaft (if needed), your choice of rebore or bore-up kit, refinish cases and repolish inspection covers, install new case screws, all new seals and gaskets.

(additional internal parts extra)







 Footrest/sidestand restoration...complete disassembly, pegs and stand straightened (if necessary), blasted, repainted and all hardware reconditioned & replated.




   Aluminum polishing...                                                                      

  • Brake backing plates, includes disassembly & media blasting, clearcoat upon request...$40.00 each
  • Fork triple clamps... $40.00
  • KO lower fork collars...$10.00 per pair
  • Cam cover...$15.00
  • Points inspection cover...$20.00
  • K1 & later lower fork legs...$40.00 per pair
  • Z50 hubs...$25.00 each
  • Clutch cover, stator cover & other custom polishing...priced by actual job, inquire


 aug25040001.pngmagcover1.png     polished aluminum bits.png


april 4 20050012.pngmay21040014.png


Speedometer restoration...

Includes: thorough cleaning, disassembly & lubing, reset odometer to zero


Replacement glass, outer bezel repair, inner faceplate refinishng and dial overlay or replacement  and replating of the outer case priced by the actual work required


 Complete bike restoration...

Priced by actual bike project...inquire

 march 23 2005 hadsell project0031.pngrestoasm.pngrestopartial.pngapril 4 20050018 copy1.png



  Seat pan restoration...

Includes low-pressure media blasting, welded-in reinforcments to prevent cracks from recurring and painting. All repairs done from the topside when possible.



In many cases we can:

  • Replace missing headlight ears
  • Straighten & repair tail light brackets for rechroming
  • Straighten and repair engine guards for rechroming
  • Repair frame damage, including cracks
  • Permanently repair rust damage

Price varies by actual repairs required...inquire

dave coxe0021.pngdave coxe0020.pngmarch 04 20050016.pngmay 27 20050005.pngmay 27 20050004.png




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