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 Performance items & packages to make your bike's powerplant even nicer!

NICE 127cc bore-up kit

The first step up the performance ladder. 54mm bore, includes cylnder, high-compression piston, rings, wrist pin & clips, base and head gaskets. Designed for use with your stock head. Case boring required to fit larger diameter cylinder sleeve. This is as basic as it gets.


nice bore-up.jpg

  142cc kit

57mm high-compression piston, rings, head is ported and combustion chamber reprofiled, special reduced stem diameter 28.5/25mm valves, r20 camshaft, flywheel and oil spinner lightened & balanced, cases bored, HD clutch springs



  146cc kit

As above but with 58mm bore and superhead+r, S30 camshaft


  158cc kit

Same basis as 142cc kit, but with new billet steel 62mm stroker crankshaft, four disc clutch conversion


  164cc kit

As above but with 58mm bore,  superhead+r, S30 cam


  175cc kit

58mm bore, new billet steel 64mm crankshaft, 5-plate clutch conversion, 30/25mm valves


 tuned Nice engines

Complete engines available in all displacements


Daytona Ignition system

523gr rotor, CDI programmed for 41 degrees total advance


 Lightened flywheel

1200gr stock, available in 890gr or 800gr

Must be matched with lightened oil spinner

Lightened oil spinner or aluminum 620gr spinner



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