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April 2009


  • The calendar says it's spring, someone please tell the gloabl warming folks, the weathwerman and, of course, jet stream. Oh well, the late snows will soon be a fading memory...along with cabin fever. Time to get out & ride. It's also time to get going on this year's projects.
  • The newest generation of our popular Super Stealth exhaust will be ready by early May. As with the original generation, these will all be hand-built, tuned to your requirements. However, you will now have the option of a user-tunable end baffle, plus some internal improvements that will be detailed at a later time.
  • While we have most wheel sprockets in stock, we have run out of some sizes, most notably 29T. New stock will be arriving by  April 16th. Sizes available include: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and for H-model purists 45t.
  • Countershaft sprockets available: 16, 17, 18. 16t offset for rear wheel clearance with wide rims & fat tires will be available and very reasonably priced.
  • New tank decals are now available: standard K0 type, K0 style custom in red and yellow versions, green K0 style as used on "Lady Dax/White Dax" models and lastly OEM Dax style. We also have Dax sidebadges in 12v size; these can be used on 6v frames but will look best attached to an aluminum plate the size of the frame incuse.
  • Honda Nice fit kits are now on the shelf. These consist of top quality modular footrest assemblies that allow removal of the footpegs while leaving the kickstand in place (a slick way of cleaning you oil spinner - no workstand needed), "real bike" spring-loaded folding footpegs and a customized rear brake arm (your choice of raw steel, painted or chromed). These are plug & play and also fit Chinese engines that copy the Nice architecture.
  • We now offer custom-made-to-order throttle & clutch cables. Details upon request.
  • Have a good working coil but the plug lead is too short? We now repair these and the finished result is good enough for a show bike and at fraction of the cost of replacing your coil.
  • New H.D. chains are in. These are the same quality and strength as the popular IRIS & D.I.D. chains, but at a lower price. All chains are cut to your specified length and molten paraffin lubed for unsurpassed durability & cleanliness.
  • May should mark a major milestone - The Shop Bike will break the 12,000-mile mark with the Nice engine in place. At that time, we will post a longterm wite-up of the experience. If you're interested in what can be done to make one of these little bikes truly roadworthy, then you absolutely do not want to miss this upcoming feature.
  • The site update is still moving along, and there are numerous project write-ups, pictorials and helmet-cam footage, backlogged for the present time. Once the new format is launched, the update floodgates will be opened...please stay tuned.



December 2008



  • Time to start planning those 2009 projects if you'd like to get them road-ready in time for the beginning of the `09 riding season. Complete builds are very involved and time-consuming. Take advantage of the offseason, while the inevitable bottlenecks in every project don't keep you off the bike.
  • The Nice engine has been sold. If your plans include purchasing one of these fine units, then we recommend placing your order now to insure receiving it well ahead of the spring rush.
  • As feared, September and October, to this point have seen the smallest number of painting days in many years, less than 10. To those who got their framesets here in time, the rush shipping has paid off. 
  • We are temporarily out of Nice engine "fit kits", due to a shortage of footrest assembly parts. More are on order and should arrive by year's end. To the large number of customers who unexpectedly depleted our stock we say "thank you very much for your patronage"
  • Should we see an Indian Summer yet this season and the nice conditions fall on a Saturday, we have tentatively planned a ride for the Ann Arbor - Dexter area. If you'd like to join-in, contact us via e-mail.
  • This is the time of year when we replenish parts inventories. If you would like to special order something, now is the best time as shipping costs will be less and the US dollar has strenghtened recently.

Interim Update...09/12



  • With the fall season almost upon us, this is absolutely last call for frame refinishing until spring of `09. Winter  frame set paintwork is not available until further notice. If your plans include assembling a bike over the winter, don't delay, get it here while there is still time. This affects catalyzed urethane frame and body painting only. Everything else, including media blasting, painting of small items such as wheel assemblies, tank brackets, etc are unaffected and can be done year-round.
  • Stealth series exhausts are nearly sold-out and once this batch is depleted it may be some time before we will be able to again supply them.
  • This year's trek to copper country was a smashing success, with hot & sunny weather we covered over 200 miles, over widely varied terrain, in three days. Keep checking back over the next  several months as we edit the hours of helmet-cam video we shot of these excursions into web-friendly clips.
  • We have one brand-new, never-fired, Nice engine on the shelf, available for immediate delivery. This doesn't happen very often. This time around we ordered a few extras and actually got them(!)


  • Many thanks to our multitude of customers around the globe. There was no slow season this year.  The major site retooling we had planned has been placed on hold indefinitely.
  • We have just processed another batch of restoration hardware. For those intent on doing a "matching numbers" type of restoration, we offer small batch restoration of your cad/zinc plated parts. For those looking to save a few bucks, we also offer restored items on an ala carte basis. Done on a core-exchange basis, the cost is very reasonable. This allows us to match your hardware exactly. Most items can be had outright, at a higher cost. We can also "mix & match" - for example, bolts with the "8" head markings & stainless nuts/washers & cotters.
  • We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the skunkworks catalog: our new 3-piece, modular subframe brace. If you're running big displacement or just like the feel of a stiffer frame with smoother running, this is the ticket. Now it's easier to install.
  • Our Super Stealth exhaust, already hugely popular, can now be ordered with a user-adjustable rear baffle; details upon request. These are being successfully used with engines up to 160cc. The original prototype has shown no signs of change or distress after 3000 miles on the Shop bike, and the field service record of the many sold continues to be unblemished.
  • By popular demand, we now offer a very limited number of K1 seat covers with heat-pressed seams. These are available on a first come/first served basis.
  • Drive chains can now be supplied lubed with molten paraffin for $15 extra, cut to length. The advantages of this method of lubing include: does not attract dirt/dust, no messy oil spatter and the wax seals the link pins (important since O-ring #420 chain is not available).
  • Coming soon... custom battery carriers to allow fitment of a sealed 12v battery in 6v (`69 K0-`82) frame. We have them back from the plater and will make them available for sale during September.
  • We also have a new modular footrest assembly for the Nice engine. This is a rubber-isolated, two-piece unit available with either fixed footpegs or deluxe spring-loaded/rubber covered pegs. A chrome-plated/adjustable length kickstand is available also.
  • We have received a new shipment of fully adjustable piggyback-type shocks in 330mm length. These are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Price is $279/pair. Want to give your CT a plush ride? Then these are the hot ticket.
  • Another new item is our Cat's eye LED tail light/brake light. This is available with either a clear or red lens (lights red when powered). Price and availability upon request.
  • The lead time for new Nice engines has been long at times, due to demand outstripping supply. Please take this into account if planning on placing an order



March 2008

This time around, a single announcement:

We have begun the I/T changeover that was planned some time ago. During the transitional phase of this project, there are likely to be glitches from time-to-time. Mainly, these will consist of slow replies to e-mail and non-working mpeg video links. Needless to say, the schedule will be very full for the next few weeks. We remain open for business as usual. Please be patient as we work toward upgrading the website to provide an even more enjoyable & informative experience.


January 2008

  • The big announcement is that we are once again able to offer both economy chrome plating and show-quality triple chrome (as well as nickel, copper and gold plating).
  • It's hard to believe that the shop bike has been in storage for over two months now. Indian summer lasted until late October this year, giving us  opportunities to visit the Franklin, Dexter and Parshalville cider mills by bike. The sights & fragrances around a cider mill on a warm sunny day are even rarer and more enchanting than springtime, bordering on the surreal and all the more intense on a bike. Yep, it was only a month ago, but with late November bringing record lows on the heels of the record highs of October, it seems almost like another lifetime...or a dream.
  • We have received another major shipment of quality items. Some will be added to the parts pages, others will be tested & evaluated. As always, special orders are welcome at no extra charge.
  • The winter schedule is surprisingly full this time around. The time to begin planning your project for `08 is now.
  • Simlarly, demand for Nice engines has grown beyond supply, especially for new units. We're holding the line on price, however, there have been delays in obtaining these engines. We strongly recommend placing your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Once the weather warms up, lead times are almost certain to get longer.
  • Likewise, we'll be ready to roll as soon as warm weather returns in the spring. If you have ideas/suggestions for local rides, forward them to us without delay.
  • This winter will be vastly different than in the past. With a full project schedule, including multiple major builds and major hardware, software and site changes coming, there will be no offseason. Thus, we have no idea how extensive the changes will be or when they will be implemented. Platform changes are usually an involved process and Microsoft certainly hasn't done anyone any favors lately...with the possible exception of their honchos.

October 2007

  • This time of year always seems to pass by too quickly for our liking. The days start getting noticeably shorter right around Labor Day and less than a month later, the low sun of October lets you know that riding season in this part of the world is coming to an end. Happily, we finally got to enjoy an Indian Summer...for the first time in about fifteen years. Lots of helmet-cam video was shot over the last month which we hope to edit this down into downloadable clips over the winter months, when they'll provide a bit of uplift from the "Michigan Greys".
  • The October 6th Ride was a blast; its route began near Union Lake, winding scenically, through Milford, Hamburg, Pinckney, Hell, Dexter, Ann Arbor, Scio, Salem, western Novi and Farmington Hills. With mostly sunny skies and temperatures well into the 80s, it was 139 miles of great memories. We'll be sharing some of them with you as a little over three hours of helmet-cam video was shot this day alone.We even picked up an impromptu (and totally unexpected) street race along the way...hilarious!  Look for an upgraded "moment of Zen" when the feature returns in a couple of months.
  • The summer painting schedule was completely filled and we really put in some long hours fulfilling those last few jobs. Many thanks to our loyal customers who have patiently worked with us during what has been our busiest stretch ever. The last paint job of the season was completed on the 22nd and will be heading back to a lucky rider who resides in a warm part of the country. Winter pricing is now in effect for frameset paintwork. Wheels, hubs, engine covers & seat pans are not subject to the winter painting surcharge.
  • We can now convert your old analog speedometer to user-programmable electronic. The new LED "guts" can be fitted to existing speedo cases and placed into the stock location inside a K0 or 12V headlight bucket. These new units can also be used with a K1 & later type or aftermarket headlight shell; they're small enough for discrete mounting in a variety of locations and feature speed, odometer, trip meter and timer. All you need is 12v electrics and the kit is an easy install.
  • Ride safely, keep the shiny side up and we'll see you again in a few weeks.

    September 2007

  • This continues to be our busiest season yet, with no slowdown yet in sight. Still..."time, tide & seasons wait for no one". If a repaint is in your plans, the time to secure one of the last remaining slots is now. Winter pricing goes into effect soon.
  • Site updates are going to be erratic for at least the next three months, probably longer. Please be patient. We have enough new material, both backlogged & upcoming, to keep things interesting for six months and the quantity keeps growing!
  • Our new "Super Stealth" exhaust is now ready for your order. We've logged well over 500 miles of "ride it like you stole it" testing on the prototype and the results have been satisfying to say the least.
  • Sadly, our video library won't be updated or expanded anytime soon. Vacation plans were shot down in flames enroute by a suicidal deer who must have listened to Fox news (or something?). We had planned to shoot 5-10 hours worth of raw "footage" in the Western U.P. and Keewenaw areas, to be edited down and posted over the dreary winter months...maybe next year.
  • We have one last ride in the works for  October 6th. This will take place, weather permitting, in the Ann Arbor-Dexter area. If you are interested in participating, contact us ASAP. Obviously, fall weather is wildly unpredictable and  we're fair weather riders around here. So, if it's near-freezing and snowing horizontally...as happened last year on this date, it'll be a no-go. Otherwise, 70-degree temps are more the norm and the riding in this area is nicely memorable.
  • Back to business as usual as another summer season fades into memory, our least favorite time of year. Time to start thinking about `08

    August 2007

  • The day after the last site update, our computer lapsed into a coma. We've also experienced storm-related IP outages. We've been here, as scheduled, for the duration but unable to make any changes to the site until now. We will be placing a new computer and new software into service sooner than expected (or wanted) and there may be glitches during the transition, no way of knowing how smoothly things will turn out. The entire site will be changed extensively late this year, though what forms those changes might take are far from certain. Our e-mail is has failsafe backup, so rest assurred that we will be here, ready to answer all inquiries as normal for the duration, regardless of any technical glitches that may or may not arise.
  • We will be closed for all business and e-mail from August 28th through September 10th.
  • Projects have been rolling along at a healthy pace this summer and we already have more development projects in the pipeline than we can possibly hope to complete during all of 2008!
  • The shop bike is up & running and is a stunning success. Details can be found in the shop bike section. It's been an exceptional saga right along, this time it's because the finished project has actually exceeded even our high expectations. 
  • The biggest skunkworks project for this year, the ultimate front end, is now available by special order.
  • The silver bullet is well along in its development. The actual bolt-together phase of the build will begin in earnest during September.
  • We've added another OEM color to our pallet: Candy Topaz Orange.
  • We've begun testing our latest skunkworks project: the "Super stealth" exhaust. Our working prototype should have close to 1000 under its belt by the next site update. Should it work out as expected, we will begin taking orders soon. If you're looking for a quiet & mellow exhaust note with no loss of power, this may be the ultimate in stock appearance and improved performance. Eventually, we plan to offer a user-tuneable end baffle for this system. This is a clean-sheet design, offered nowhere else.
  • Upcoming skunkworks projects include a Nice converison kit and some slick new electronic gauge units. (Finally, accurate speed readings and a trip meter for the small bike rider.)
  • The summer season will be over before you know it. Our summertime painting schedule in nearly filled, as usually happens this time of year. If you want your bike painted, secure your spot in line now...before the winter price increase.

    June 2007

    • Many thanks to our many clients for making this our busiest spring ever! The full schedule has had a major impact on our operations. The changes, overall, are for the better, as outlined in the balance of this month's news items. Unfortunately, with the same 24 hours/day in which to work, something had to give way...namely site updates and our personal projects. The site will be updated on an ongoing, piecemeal, basis as opposed to the sweeping changes seen in the past.
    • We're raising the bar and further advancing the state-of-the-art for our favorite small bikes. The custom special is about to be surpassed by the upcoming all-new Silver Bullet project. If you're interested in seeing just how far a CT70 can be hotrodded, then you'll want to check this one out, it's a mindblower!
    • Our current skunkworks project, the ultimate front end, is near completion and, along with the shop bike, should be on the road bythe end of June. This is another watershed development for any serious rider. Details will be updated, mid-month, in the shop bike section.
    • There are more new parts than can be added (over 2200 items & counting) to the parts pages for the time being. If there's an OEM or aftermarket item you want, please inquire. Selected developments include new aftermarket  CT70 aluminum swingarms, complete disc brake rear end kit, new exhausts (including upcoming options for the Stealth exhaust), lower prices on new Nice engines and complete Nice conversion packages.
    • For the restoration enthusiasts, we've added Candy Topaz Orange to the list of available paint colors...by popular demand.
    • For those who've patiently waited-out another longer-than-average late winter/early spring... painting season is here and the schedule is filling quickly.
    • For our video fans, we'll be shooting more and better footage this summer and fall. Look for a DVD or two around year's end.


    March 2007

    • 2006 was our busiest season yet. Sadly, it was capped-off with the most dismal autumn season we can remember. With summer-like weather ending abruptly in early September, our riding season ended almost two months earlier than last year. While we held out hope for an Indian summer and a last mini-tour to a cider mill, seeing the snow fly during the first week in October (a record for this part of the world, as far as we know) put the kibosh on riding for `06. The record/near-record cold also jammed our schedule as we literally worked double-time to complete ten weeks worth of projects in five weeks. Just as strangely, winter turned out to be a no-show until February. We finally got to take some much-needed down time around the end of the year, after which the realization of just how long the site has languished really sank in. It takes considerable time to prepare even a single new page and we've updated several and added new ones. You're getting a good 3-4 months worth of site updates/upgrades in a single shot this time. For those wondering why the site updates have been so long in the making...now you know.
    • We hope to keep the site updates coming along at the old pace, with a few flurries of rapid additions along the way for the next few months. Unfortunately, the updates will slow down by the beginning of summer. We do have a goodly number of new items on hand that haven't yet been listed, so if you're looking for something you don't see...feel free to ask. It will take months to finish the parts section additions. As always, special orders are welcomed.
    • New pages have been added, including Nice engine HQ, Engines & parts, tuning; the long-awaited MCM Skunkworks page, plus additions to existing pages, new tech feature covering our most popular restomod package which will become a permanent site addition, new mpeg videos (be really patient with the download times, the files are huge, flash player required), lots of new addtions to the parts pages (just the tip of the iceberg).
    • Time to start planning rides for 2007. Be sure to check the CT70 webboard for details of this summer's get-together at Put-In-Bay, Ohio.                                       Tentative rides include events in the Copper Harbor, MI area for the week following Independence day & the week following Labor Day, Dexter-Ann Arbor in late September/early October and the Milford/Pinckney area for sometime in June. We encourage any and all feedback/suggestions for these and other possible rides. There's nothing quite like touring on these little bikes, especially on a warm summer afternoon.
    • Check out the galleries for the newest additions. This month we feature an original 1969 K0
    • Future installments include step-by-step restorations. This month's tech page details a complete Nice restomod/conversion.
    • The custom special has seen some additional tuning and refinement, though the truncated riding season didn't allow time to fully wring-out every last mph. Details will be found in the gallery section. This season, we'll finish optimizing the tune.
    • The shop bike has been repainted and we're now working on development of the new front end, our next skunkworks project. This will be the ultimate in CT70 front suspension and is a "clean sheet of paper" design. The spacings will be revamped for slightly extended wheelbase and allow fitment of a wide wheel/tire combo on the front - with a 220mm, twin-piston-caliper, disc brake and OEM hub/speedo drive. We have made some minor, but important, mods to the bike. Since this bike represents what we feel are OEM-type developments for the everyday rider, you'll want to check the section as we detail the rebuild over the coming months. The final result will be the ultimate dual-purpose CT70.

    September 2006

    • Many thanks to our loyal customers who have made this our busiest season ever! We've been forced to slow the pace of site updates, but the pace of new items and product development has actually accelerated. There are lots of new & exciting goodies in the pipeline and these will be rolled out as the 2006 season winds down. Time to think about getting a jump on the 2007 season.
    • New stainless hardware kits are now available, including specialty types such as Allen and button Allen heads, to your spcifications.
    • Newly added is our "skunkworks" program. These are hardcore items for the serious rider, developed in-house. It's a limited-scope project, intended to provide key items that will extend the capabilities of the CT70, further raising the bar and benefitting all.
    • Due to rising facility fees, wintertime paintwork will be limited. If you want your bike refinished before the `07 season gets underway, now it the time to secure your slot. There are very few remaining. (all other services are unaffected)
    • The shop bike is undergoing its biggest transformation since it was rescued a few years back. You don't want to miss the details as we roll them out. The custom special has received miles and tuning when we've been able to steal a moment here & there. The conclusion of that project will be posted in October.
    • Our Honda Nice engine program is up-to-speed & running...er...nicely! We can now supply used, fully rebuilt and new engines, using all OEM parts at very reasonable prices. For those who want the ultimate, be sure to check out the details of TJR-tuned versions.
    • This month's tech tip delves into our second skunkworks project, sure to rescue some bikes that would otherwise be consigned to the scrapheap.
    • New bikes have been added to the galleries section, too. New videos are in the works for October.
    • This year's Copper Harbor, MI, ride has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.^( We are, however, looking to put together an end of the season ride around early October in the Ann Arbor/West Oakland county area. If you have a favorite place to ride, let us know. The weather usually fades quickly by mid October, so act fast.

    See you next month...

    June 2006

    • Spring has sprung, the temperatures (for those of us in the northern states) have finally warmed...busy season is upon us! New items have arrived, however, it will be some time before the parts page is updated to reflect these. Please inquire directly.
    • We now have, in stock, CT70 sprockets in hard-to-find sizes. Rear wheel in  29, 30, 31, 32 & 33 teeth (28t available on special order), countershaft in 15,16, 17 & 18 teeth, H.D. drive chain, too. If you've gone to a large displacement engine, these are the items that will make your gears useable again and allow you to realize the full speed potential of your engine setup or bias the bike for long-range cruising or climbing as you wish and not have to replace these items every few hundred miles. These are top-quality chains and hardened sprockets. Countershaft sprockets are $9 (except 18t - $18), rear wheel sprockets are $24.95 and HD gold chain is $38 (connecting links $3)
    • Want a stock appearing exhaust with a deep, throaty, sound and flow to match? Try our "Stealth Exhaust" . These can be custom-tailored to your application, including modification to fit your OEM Honda heat shield (K0 or K1 type), with black heat shields, revised rear hanger to your specs, and/or modified to fit the Honda Nice and copy engines. Price is $199 for basic exhaust including chrome heat shields, modded pipes are $229
    • This month we begin tuning using a mobile exhaust gas analyzer (EGA), no more guessing when it comes to carburetor jetting for a specific engine setup. Initially, this will be used with Nice engines and various big-displacement tunes.
    • The best tuned engines on the planet are, without doubt, the TJR-tuned Nice tunes. These offer the biggest bang-for-the-buck going. A ~20hp engine for under 4 grand is a lot of value, especially when that engine offers OEM reliability, tons of useable power and rip-your-arms-off torque. For the more budget-concious, we now offer a 127cc kit for the Nice starting at $400.
    • The Honda Nice engine program is now in full swing. We can supply any part in this engine. Used engines start at $800, completely rebuilt (and we do mean completely) with new cylinder jug, piston rings, clutch, oil pump, bearings & tranny, crankshaft assembly, etc for approximately $1400. This is more than the disposable PRC copy engines, but very cost-effective when you consider that this price buys a functionally new engine with all new, standard size OEM parts. You're getting a new engine with used cases & electrics.Plus, you'll never be stuck with a paperweight because of an unavailable $9 part. (You'll probably never need parts anyway, these are the most durable engines ever made for these bikes) New engines sold for $1900 and were eagerly snapped-up by serious riders in the know. We can supply new engines as well but the price may be somewhat higher as the dollar continues to weaken against other currencies. Remember, the stock lower end of these engines is used as-is for the 137-173cc tunes and has proven stone-reliable with no more than a set of heavier clutch springs. No other setup, OEM or aftermarket can reliably handle more than 124cc. With that kind of strength, a stock engine will give thousands of miles and many years of unstressed 60+mph performance with nothing more than regular oil changes, filter cleanings and the occasional valve adjustment.
    • We've added a dedicated blast station for aluminum parts, using special soft blast media. Engine, carburetor and other aluminum parts can now be cleaned with an efficiency not previously possible. Best of all, since the media is softer than aluminum, there's no possibility of damage from errant, leftover abrasive. Thanks to this, we can now remove powdercoat from engine cases and do so cost-effectively. This makes it possible to offer expanded polishing services, particularly for engine parts such as cases and sidecovers.

    Summer passes by faster than any other time of the year. If your plans include projects for the pre 4th of July season, don't  delay!

    April 2006

    • Last call for those wanting to get a bike painted in time for summer. We are now scheduling May's paint and engine work. The schedule has remained very full, many thanks to our customers.^)
    • We now have more parts available than we will be able to list for quite some time. Additional high-quality aftermarket shocks, oil coolers, swingarms, oil catch tanks and many other items are readily available, including KSR front forks all at very reasonable prices.
    • The stainless bolt kits are taking longer to finalize than expected, due to variations between models. We will be listing a K0/K1 kit soon, consisting of stainless hex cap (standard bolt heads, similar to OE). Other custom fasteners can be ordered including, Allen head, button Allen head, polished chrome acorn nuts and polished hex cap stainless.
    • Our Honda Nice engine program is coming along, well...nicely. We have complete backup replacement parts available and can even supply rebuilt engines that are literally like new (nearly all new rotating assembly, upper & lower end) for hundreds of dollars less than these engines sold for new. We also supply tuning parts such as bore-up kits and the fabulous 137, 142 & 158 kits from TJR Tuningparts of Germany.
    • Be sure to visit the tech tip page. Nearly every CT70 rider will have to deal with seat repair at some point. We show you the details of getting it right the first time.
    • This month's "moment of Zen" is a rare double feature shot three seasons ago. Prior to the installation of the Honda Nice engine in the red shop bike, we did some serious evaluation of our Zongshen 110 (Z108) including tests of acceleration & top speed, shifting and running quality at different speeds and shooting some video for later review. With close to 800 miles on this engine and the carburetion and gearing worked out to perfection, it was an ideal opportunity to to see what it could do. The Z108 is still considered the best of the Chinese engines and is about the only one that's been around long enough to have some speed gear and repair parts available. Ours had the big valve head and a "fast road" cam, so we were expecting 60mph+ on the 75-degree day during which this video was shot. Frankly, we were a bit disappointed. A week later, on an 85-degree day, we shot video of the same bike with the same gearing and exhaust, but this time around with our then-new Honda Nice motor with 93 miles under it's belt and the carb jetted too rich to rev-out cleanly. The results: 56mph for the Z108, 63mph for the Nice and still climbing before we had to shut down for traffic.  What we hadn't realized at the time was the fact that the bikes were run between precisely the same start and end points. It was while reviewing the videos months later, trying to edit them down for webhosting that we noticed the Nice engine had covered the same exact distance five seconds faster than the Zonger without being run full-out, or being dialed-in. Unable to reduce the size of the mpeg files to fit our available webspace, they languished for almost three years.                                                                                                                            For the Z108 top speed run, the engine was run at wide open throttle for the entire length of the impromptu "test track" and shifted as the power levelled-off. The Nice, still being tight with so few miles on it,  an overly large main jet to prevent possible overheating was actually run at part throttle through most of third gear; you can hear this in the audio, along with the onset of high-speed misfiring at the top of the rev range. Considering that the new motor was nowhere near optimized in terms of carb jetting or gearing and the way it was run, it didn't dawn upon us that we had a pretty convincing "shootout" in the proverbial can. This section of road is curvy and gently undulating, though in video it appears to have quite a gradient. In case you're wondering why we've chosen this particular location for speed runs, the answer is threefold;  we have found over the years that these bikes tend to come within 2-3mph of their true flat-road top speed, reaching terminal velocity about 700 feet into the uphill section. The results here are remarkably consistent because the road is well-shielded from the wind. There are no cross streets that would allow other vehicles to suddenly pull out without warning. So while it would appear that we hardly have what could be considered "shootout" material, in point of fact it may be the most accurate comparison of it's type. Everything  is the same, right down to the parts on the bike, including the exhaust system! How often does this happen?                                                                                                                   Now, with the bandwidth issues finally resolved, we bring you a rare head-to-head comparison of two very different engines. Be aware that these are large mpeg files and take a while to download. We may leave these in place for longer than normal if demand warrants it.
    • Coming next month: We begin a "stealth" conversion of a customer's CT70HK0 to Nice power. Plus a new tech article and more new items to build one your way. See you then.


    March 2006

    • The schedule is nearly full. We can still accomodate smaller projects. However, engine builds cannot be accepted until April 1st and the painting schedule is completely filled until mid-April. If you're planning on getting that new bike on the road this spring, don't delay!


    • New parts are on the way, too many to add to the list in time for this month's main update. Be sure to check back often and feel free to inquire about any specific items you may want but don't see listed.


    • Stainless hardware kits will be available in about 10 days. We will offer flat Allen head oil filter and stator screws. We will also have Allen head case screws, as a kit. If you've ever struggled with the OEM philips heads, then you'll really appreciate these; say goodbye to the impact driver & drill.  Wheel fastener kits and body fastener kits will be available as well. These will be added to the parts page as soon as we have the pricing. Feel free to inquire.


    • Check out this month's "moment of Zen" mpeg link on the home page...it'll help take the chill out of the air.


    February 2006


    • If you're planning a new bike for this year, now's the time to start putting those plans into action. It always seems  to take longer than anticipated getting a bike project finished & on the road. Our February painting schedule is nearly full, so contact us soon if you'd like to have your bike refinished & back in your hands before spring.


    • Parts will be added to the parts section on an ongoing basis. Many details have now been worked out, unfortunately, this has taken more time than anticipated. Check back frequently as many items, restoration parts especially, will have limited availability. If there are any items you'd like to see us carry, please let us know. Genuine Honda engines from 100cc up to 160cc are now available. We also import TJR parts for the 137 & larger tunes...an MCM exclusive. These are the Rolls Royce of small bike engines. The base 110, properly setup, is good for mid 60-mph top speeds. Properly maintained, these are 30,000 mile engines. The clutch, gearbox, overall smoothness  and durability are absolutely unmatched by any Chinese "clone" engine. The larger displacement tuned engines typically require 60-day lead time. All have excellent parts support. The Tiger 120 is also available, with a 158  version soon to be released and 196 race version in development. Initial reports indicate that the 120 is nearly up to Honda standard and these are the only other big-displacement, non-Chinese  engines, on the market. Full parts backup is readily available. Please inquire for details.


    • We are adding more information to the site. There will be more detail shots and explanations permanently added to the restoration section. We've added a tech tip section. These will be featured on a rotating basis.


    • More customer have been added to the galleries. It's always intersting to see what new, individual, ideas other's have when it comes to building their ultimate bike.


    • Check out this month's "moment of Zen" video featuring Godfried's tuned Dax. Now this is what we call a runner!


    As Always, thanks for stopping by. This is where the ride starts getting interesting...



    November 2005

    Be sure to check out our winter storage guide located in the tuning tips section. It's a quick read and can help insure that your bike fires-up, ready-to-ride, next spring.

    There's a new addition to the customer bike section in our photo galleries. This is one amazing machine!

    The custom bike is now running. Follow the last major installment of the project, until spring when the bike is completely broken-in and fully tuned.

    This month's "moment of Zen" is a restrained run-up to 65mph with the new bike. A full-on banzai blast will be shot early in the 2006 season. For now, we felt that a small taste of things to come was better than nothing at all. Plus, you'll see how effortlessy this machine pulls itself along at freeway speed.

    That's all for this month, thanks for checking back;^)



    October 2005

    Follow along as the details and individual pieces come together and the bike starts taking shape in the next installment of the custom build series.

    We now accept paypal and are considering replacing that service with direct credit card processing in the near future.

    Work continues behind the scenes to bring you new items and begin filling the parts for sale section. As always, parts requests/special orders are welcomed.

    We will be adding wiring diagrams and carb tuning details next month.

    Your bike photos are welcome for feature in our customer's gallery. We will be selecting some of the best for future front pages .



    September 2005

    Welcome to the all-new ct70Honda.com website. In light of the fact that this has been our busiest year yet, we have decided to launch our new site ahead of it's full completion. As a result:

    • The photo galleries have many new additions pending.
    • The parts section has nothing listed as yet. This will change in the near future. We can import just about any aftermarket parts available as special orders.
    • Full restoration and custom services are available.
    • Our ordering system will remain primitive for a while. Plans are already underway to allow direct credit card payments thereby saving you, our customer, the excess fees charged by Paypal.
    • For now, orders must be initiated through e-mail. Postal money orders are preferred. We do ship internationally.

    Tech features will be added on a rotating basis and we will be adding to the existing galleries on a continuing basis, as well as fleshing-out the parts section in a unique way.

    We will be featuring an assortment of high-res photos and short videos over the coming months. Video files are, relatively speaking, huge and may take considerable time to download. You will need to be patient, especially if you have a slow connection as these files may be as large as 25mb and can take several minutes to load. The photo to the right of the Dax ad is the link. The initial installment is a 50mph cruise along the west coast of Michigan's Keewenaw peninsula...one of the top five scenic drives in the lower 48 states. For those of you who have never experienced a Honda mini with 65mph capability this should be a bit of a revelation; for everyone else, it's a couple minutes worth of nice scenery...a moment of Zen and the art of mini trailing...^)

    There's lots more in the works, so please check back often.



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