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 adrian ady gaudens daxedt.png


Here is Ady's ST70. He's gone with a low-key approach, preferring to let the bike speak for itself. We'd say the bike is quite eloquent... 

>Honda Nice disc brake front end with billlet trees and wavey disc.
>G-craft aluminium wheels & stock OEM hubs anodized black.
>Kitaco +6cm aluminum swing arm with home made brace added.
>Honda Nice engine rebuilt with HD clutch, Z40 cam, Kitaco VM26 carb.
>home made S.S. exhaust with carbon fiber & billet aluminium end can.
>LSL steering damper.
>Stainless steel auxillary fuel tank fitted to left side of the bike.
>Stainless steel oil catch tank.
>Oil cooler with custom stainless steel bracket.
>All steel parts blasted, zinc plated prior to paint.
>Kitaco aluminium front fender smoothed to remove factory indents.


 Steve's 1972 ST70 Dax which he purchased in "...a plastic trash bag and a cardboard box, for 320GBP..." (about $600). He's transformed a basket case into a world-class little bike. The photographs don't do it justice!


 The basic structure has been fortified with a Daytona +6cm swingarm, soon to be replaced with a braced G-Craft unit, a Faddy USD front end with Honda 220mm disc brake and ultra-high-end Ohlins shocks.

The build is capped-off with a Kitaco R-type stainless/carbon fiber exhaust, G-Craft alloy wheels, Faddy oil catch tank, powder coated frame and leather seat upholstery.

This bike uses a rare Honda 80mph speedometer and can probably bury the needle at will!


 Above, is the reason for the other fortifications: a tuned 160cc Nice engine with an ultra big-valve head, r20 cam, 28mm carb and overdrive fourth gear ratio. It all comes together to the tune of 22hp(!)The 4-row stacked-plate oil cooler is a serious piece of hardware. No doubt it gets a good workout on those balls-out top speed blasts.


Steve figures he's put about 100 hours into the build. We'd say that was time well spent!


Here we see Godfried's Dax in various stages of development. Like any good hotrodder, he's always making changes looking & looking for improvement. We'd say he's done rather well. This is also one of the fastest bikes of it's kind.

 driesdax2003.png    driessax5.png




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