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If you've ever had the thought "this bike would be perfect, if only..."  then you've come to the right place.  Virtually any custom modification that can be done to a full size bike can be done to a MiniTrail. Adding personalized touches to your bike can, indeed, add-up. But it need not cost an arm and a leg. In many instances, it is more a matter of creativity and imagination than megabucks. Sometimes, a customized, or aftermarket, part is less costly than OEM original. We can customize and source parts from around the globe, including:

  • Disc brake front end conversions, for unmatched high-speed braking capability
  • Aftermarket & OEM front ends, including inverted forks - give your bike some real stability and "real bike" ride quality
  • Aftermarket alloy wheels up to 4" width
  • Fully and semi-adjustable rear shocks - now you can tailor the rear suspension for solo or two-up riding regardless of passenger load up to 350lbs
  • Custom and aftermarket speedometers, lights, temp gauges and tachometers - see and be seen at night with 12v halogen headlights and 12v LED tailights. There are some beautifully styled lighting units available that will lend a clean look to your bike. Monitor engine performance and see how fast you're really going - stop thrashing that 30-year-old 50mph speedo.
  • Custom paint and bodywork...nearly any color available, including candy colors. Spot welds and seams can be smoothed for a glass-like surface finish. We use top quality catalyzed urethane paints.
  • Custom metalwork and welding...need a kickstand lengthened?, footpegs won't fit that new, wider, motor? Missing/damaged headlight ears can be replaced and/or smoothed to eliminate visible spot welds, we can even fabricate blind headlight mounts, leaving no visible mounting bolts. Brake pedal not where you'd like it to be?  engine guard won't fit your new engine/exhaust? we can reshape or fabricate to fit your application.
  • Leather seat covers and gel padding...quality upholstery and the latest in riding comfort
  • Free-flowing exhausts - whether you want a "stealth" exhaust with OEM appearance but better performance and sound or a high-end aftermarket stainless & carbon fiber exhaust or just something different from what everyone else is running
  • Polishing - any aluminum alloy part can be polished to a chrome-like shine
  • Chroming - any steel part on the bike can be plated, or smoothed and rechromed to better than OEM standard.
  • Road tires in sizes up to 130/70-10 and speed ratings up to "M" (82mph)
  • Rear sprockets from 28 to 34 teeth and countershaft sprockets in 17 or 18 teeth
  • Aftermarket levers, lights, mirrors, ignition parts, footpegs, grips
  • Oil coolers
  • Engine performance parts including bore-up kits
  • Honda 100 and 110cc engines and performance builds up to 175cc
  • Aftermarket engines from 120-158cc...the only non-Chinese units on the market

The possibilities are vast and trying to review all of the items available is a daunting task. We work with you, one-to-one, to source items that suit your specific project. Price will depend on the items/work desired. However, we make every effort to bring you maximum bang for your buck. Please visit our custom bike galleries and see what we can do for you.





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